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The method of preparation surfaces

The works in the activities of corrosion protection are ready to to perform in the primary, to the manufacturing preparation and protection, as well as secondary preparation, protection and applying a coating to the preparedness, on the construction site, depending on the need and requirements of investors and clients

Production hall Dubrava

In the near Zagreb in Dubrava (near Vrbovec) is our separate operation, modern sandblasting service and thermal paint shop

What was actually sandblasting?

This is the process of smoothing and cleaning hard surfaces solid particles high speed, with the help of compressed air, thus the desired surface treated to a desired degree of purity. Sandblasting of pure metals and non-metals, and other areas that conventional ways of cleaning never could be cleaned.
From the blast processing, we kicked quartz sand (SiO2) which was harmful to health.

When performing all phases of work corrosion protection, we comply with the technical instructions and requirements of the paint industry, respecting contracted level of quality, according to ISO standards.
The basic elements that put the emphasis and which we appreciate in the work:
– safety at work, and safe operation (use of protective equipment)
– environmental protection (onemogućiti štetan utjecaj na okoliš)

  1. Surface Preparation
  2. Conditions for applying coatings
  3. Storage colors
  4. Mixing ratio (base + component)
  5. Application Method
  6. Dilution colors
  7. Time induction
  8. The durability after mixing (base + component)
  9. Nozzle orifice
  10. The output pressure
  11. The specified dry film thickness
  12. The specified wet film thickness
  13. Recoating intervals