Corrosion protection of the tanks A-1514, A-1516 and A-1518

In the 7th month of 2013, we successfully completed the corrosion protection and the protection of crude oil storage tanks (new construction), which are each a capacity of 80,000 m 3 with associated pipelines. For corrosion protection worked 115 employees.

Anticorrosive works on the platform Labin 2

SITAL worked on anticorrosion protection during the outage platform, which ended in the spring of 2015.
The platform has protected by high-quality corrosion protection coatings manufacturer company HEMPEL.


Works on reconstruction of corrosion protection on the steel structure

A vintage locomotive on the main railway station in Pula

SITAL worked on anticorrosion protection during the reconstruction of the museum specimen locomotives in Pula.

Wagons series TADS-Z

Wagons series TADS-Z for the transportation of fertilizer (urea) and cereals