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Heat accumulator TE-TO Zagreb

During 2015, we performed corrosion protection works on the new heat accumulator TE-TO Zagreb.

This task included raising and lowering of the 30-tons-heavy roof structure to the height of 50 meters with the help of 1,200-tons crane, and the delicate operation had to be carried out on a day without rain and wind.

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Corrosion protection at Omišalj terminal

On 23 February 2016 we started with preparations for corrosion protection on tanks A-1520 and A-1522 and their pipelines at Omišalj terminal of the Adriatic pipeline.
In this project, we are a subcontractor of the company Đuro Đaković – Industry Solutions d.o.o. from Slavonski Brod.

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Reconstruction of the railway bridge Jakuševac

The bridge across the Sava river in Jakuševac is also called Žitnjak railway bridge or the bridge near Mičevac. It is situated in the proximity of Jakuševac landfill. It was built in 1968, and is currently undergoing repairs. Sital d.o.o. started to perform corrosion protection works on 4 April 2016. The bridge is a steel construction for a double track line with a span of 11 m and a length of 408.46 m.